I think right now pioneer.app is probably the best place to find those kind of builders, haven't found them anywhere else

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This post reminds me a lot of https://meaningness.com/geeks-mops-sociopaths.

One reason this dynamic happens: playful exploration often looks bad or stupid, but is required for fun and creativity. When status is on people's minds, they tend to clam up and try to look good.

> where do you find those people?

Part of how these groups continue to exist might be because they aren't findable, except by word of mouth or a random link. Their illegibility is a shield from status games. So... make friends with people who might occupy those spaces?

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I agree with your above points. I also like people who just build stuff without caring about status or money.

But this can only be possible if people move above their needs and desires.

I'm from a third world country and we build stuff for money, status also leads to money eventually. It's not sustainable to just build stupid stuff.

Philosophy is only for people who have moved above all this and are already rich.

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"Now, it’s “Build scale into your app from Day 1” and “Bake sharding keys into your app with our automated schema tooling engine”"

I feel this so much, and imo it overwhelms me and I'm sure many others looking to build something new - it almost drains the fun out of starting something up. Not to the point where it literally stops me from doing it, but it sure as hell doesn't help.

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